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Lawn mowing services

Engage our professional team to mow and whipper snip your lawn, leaving your yard or business premises looking it’s best every single time. We have once-off and regular packages for jobs of all sizes, meaning you will save time and energy and the need to invest in and maintain costly equipment. If you’re ready enjoy the intoxicating smell of freshly cut grass, get in touch with us.

Regular garden maintenance

In today’s busy life, keeping on top of the gardening can quickly become another chore to do. We want you to enjoy your beautiful garden, not spend all your time worrying about the weeds, the bushes that need hedging and the grass that needs mowing. Let us look after your regular garden maintenance, so that you can relax and enjoy the feeling that comes from knowing your garden is being taken care of.

Pre-sale and end of lease gardening

Getting your yard ready for sale or at the end of your lease is a big job and can be a daunting prospect. Take the pressure off yourself and let our experienced team get your garden looking it’s best so that you can maximise your sale price or bond return.

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Gardening cleanups and rubbish removal

Without regular attention, gardens can quickly get out of control, especially in the wet season. The lawn, weeds and hedges seem to grow overnight. Our reliable and efficient team of gardeners can help you rediscover your garden when you don’t know where to begin.

Mulching and weeding

In today’s world, being waterwise is more important than ever before. Ian Boller Mowing and Gardening can help you save water and the environment by mulching your gardens. Not only does mulch stop your gardens from drying out, it inhibits weed growth and makes a tired garden bed look fresh and new again. Get in touch with us today for a free quote to mulch your gardens.

Hedging and pruning

Hedges planted along fencelines and driveways give you and your family much needed privacy, however if they are not hedged and pruned on a regular basis they become unruly and lose their shape. Call our expert team and we will whip your hedges into shape, encouraging thick and luscious regrowth to ensure your garden remains your private sanctuary. We’ll take away all the green waste too.
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